Modern Slavery Statement

Glocal Pinnacle Modern Slavery Statement

This statement sets out Glocal Pinnacle’s actions to understand all potential modern slavery risks related to its business and to put in place steps that are aimed at ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our business and its supply chains. As a responsible business, we’re committed to upholding internationally recognised human rights through the way we operate.

Glocal Pinnacle has developed this statement to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. It outlines our commitment to preventing modern slavery across our Company and supply chain. Section 54 of the Act requires companies to be more transparent about how they tackle modern slavery in their supply chain. This includes detailed information on structures and relevant policies and systems. The Company recognises that it has a responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking. We are absolutely committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our corporate activities, and to ensuring that our supply chains are free from slavery, human trafficking, exploitation and discrimination.

Company Structure and Supply Chain

We provide outsourcing/offshoring services to variety of businesses in India and across the world. Apart from India, we are very much focused in the UK, the USA and Australia. The Company doesn’t operate in high risk areas and we don’t consider any of our activities to be at high risk of slavery or human trafficking.

Appropriate Policies

The Company has complete suite of policies such as Code of Ethics, Human Resource Policy, Equal Pay and Diversity Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, all of which deal with anti-slavery initiatives either directly or indirectly. References to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking are clear in all these policies.

  • Code of conduct

    The Company’s Code of conduct makes it clear to employees the actions and behaviour expected of them when representing the Company. We aim to maintain the highest standards of employee conduct and ethical behaviour at all times.

  • Human Resource Policy

    The Company encourages all its workers, customers and other business partners to speak up with concerns related to the direct activities, or the supply chains of, the Company. The Company also has in place an open and transparent grievance process for all staff. The Company sources labour from a legitimate network (agencies or in-house staff) and carries out necessary checks ahead of going through our rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we are only employing right talent.

  • Equal Pay and Diversity Policy

    We are fully committed to the elimination of unlawful and unfair discrimination and value the differences that a diverse workforce brings to the organisation. The Company is committed to provide equal opportunities in employment and abolishing discrimination in employment.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

    We are fully committed to encourage our staff to get involved in their local community to carry out social responsibilities. We visit various Non – Profit organisation initiatives from time to time to commit our time, efforts and money to help our local communities.

Supply Chain and Due Diligence

General supplies to us are for office goods and services such as office equipment, stationery, property maintenance, travel & accommodation, cleaning etc. We consider this to be a low risk area and that our normal supplier approval procedures are adequate.

Our commitment to a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery or human trafficking is reflected in our policies and procedures.

We consider that the environment we operate in and our internal procedures/due diligence on suppliers /employees are adequate to meet our responsibilities and obligations. Consequently, we do not consider any of our activities to be at high risk of slavery or human trafficking. We will, however, continue to keep our procedures under review.