Our Services

Our Services

Glocal Pinnacle provides variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Finance and Accounts Outsourcing/Offshoring

    Finance and Accounts Outsourcing/Offshoring

    • Year end statutory accounts outsourcing
    • Bookkeeping
    • Company start up and secretarial outsourcing
    • Management accounts outsourcing
    • Business tax return
    • GST/VAT outsourcing
    • Payroll outsourcing

    For more details, please visit the www.pinnacleoutsourcingsolutions.co.uk.

  • Corporate Finance Outsourcing Services

    Corporate Finance Outsourcing Services

    • Financial Modelling
    • Peer Analysis
    • Information Memorandums
    • Due Diligence Support
    • Industry and Technology Updates
    • Equity Research
    • Legal and Tax Updates
    • Gathering and Interpreting financial data to make informed decisions
    • MIS and Dashboarding
    • Financial Projections
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Analysis of financial statements
    • DCF Analysis
    • WACC Analysis
    • Internal Rate of Return Analysis
    • Financial Ratio Analysis
    • Company Research
    • Investment Pitch-book

    For more details, please visit the www.cofanalysts.com.

  • Legal Outsourcing Services

    Legal Outsourcing Services

    • Legal Research and Contract Management
    • Paralegal and E-Discovery Services
    • Legal Transcription and Digitization Services
    • Intellectual Property Services
    • Bankruptcy

    For more details, please visit the www.legaloffshoring.com.

  • Digital Marketing/Web Design - Offshoring/Outsourcing Services

    Digital Marketing/Web Design - Offshoring/Outsourcing Services

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Pay Per Click Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing (SMO)
    • Lead Generation
    • Web design and development
    • Mobile application development

    For more details, please visit the www.digiwebservices.com.

  • Captive office set-up / Glocal-In house Center set-up

    Global In-house Center

    A hybrid outsourcing model with value driven transformation with a more sustainable approach

    Your own extended arm at an optimum cost accompanied by improved productivity and high-quality service

    Cost efficient, transparent model for global enterprises with all the necessary technical infrastructure, better talent & office resources with better control & transparency.

    Advantages of Global In-house Center

    • Better Quality of Output

      Transforming outsourcing for Global Enterprises with greater collaboration across operations and technology with teams housed in India with the capability of converting data into insights and insights into actions.

    • Reduced Cost

      Global In-house Centers in India offers highly skilled pool of resources at a very optimum cost resulting in significant labor cost savings in the range of 30-70% as compared to onshore resources.

    • Lower set-up and operational cost

      Setting up Global In-house Center in India is very easy and low-cost affair as compared to other peer jurisdictions. In addition, the operating cost of running the center in India is significantly economical.

    • Flexible and Scalable

      Unique delivery models which are easily scalable and flexible that are aimed at simplifying needs of businesses globally.

    • Better Accountability and Control

      Global In -house Centers are owner of key enterprise priorities, including market-sensing and customer-facing core functions, with clear influence on profitability. Global In-house Centers offer higher control with lower risk.

    Illustrative list of services which can be rendered by Global In-house Center

    • High end data processing, data search integration and analysis (KYC, Customer records)
    • Database management, accounting, book-keeping, payroll processing, support centers, etc.
    • Insurance claim processing, remote maintenance, etc.
    • Legal support, BCP / DRP centers for high end data support
    • Business analytics, financial analytics and market research services
    • Audit and assurance
    • Personal and Corporate Tax
    • Filling and administration
    • Financial Due diligence
    • Corporate advisory support
    • Merger and acquisitions support
    • Valuation support
    • Restructuring, recovery and insolvency support
    • Investment management and fund administration support
    • Company secretarial and other administrative tasks
    • Drafting and legal support
    • Software and administration development
    • IT and maintenance

    How can Glocal Pinnacle help?

    Team with decades of experience to guide you on your next big business move.

    Our team of over 130 experienced professionals with complementary practice and sector domain skills shall assist you in setting up and operating Global In-house Center.

    Over 150 leading global clients have successfully leveraged Glocal Pinnacle’s comprehensive end-to-end suite of services and derived significant value.

    We shall assist you with the following:

    Conceptualisation of the structure

    • Advice on the constitution, ownership of the Global In-house Center
    • Advice from a tax / exchange control perspective

    Business Case

    • Assistance in preparing a business case for obtaining approval from internal business teams

    Regulatory approvals

    • Assistance in preparing an application for obtaining various approval for set-up in India
    • Liaising with the Authorities

    On-going compliances

    • Assistance in obtaining tax ID and filing of annual income tax return
    • Assistance in tax representation / litigation services
    • Advice on routine tax matters
    • Assistance in annual compliances
  • Remote desks

    Remote desks

    • HR and Admin Tasks
    • Content Marketing
    • Mobile Apps Development
    • Graphics & Web Designing
    • Database Management
    • Proofreading / Transcription
    • IT related Services
    • Diary & Travel Management
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Admin
    • Others

    For more details, please visit the www.remotedesks.co.uk.

  • Independent Financial Advice Outsourcing Services

    Independent Financial Advice Outsourcing Services

    We provide support services to independent financial advisors.

    We have multi-disciplined professionals having strong technical knowledge and capabilities adhering to highest standard of excellence and professionalism and that too at an optimum cost.

    We provide full/part time analysts/associates who works exclusively for your company remotely from our offices in India.

    The kind of tasks that our staff can do (including but not limited to):

    • LOA Process

      Overseeing & ensuring the LOA Process runs smoothly & is followed/recorded on CRM.

      Work closely with the Client Relationship Team to ensure client service with regards to the LOA process is delivered in an efficient manner.

      Sending of the LOA to the Providers plus regular chasing for updates/information as needed.

      Ensure the LOA process is followed/recorded on CRM.

    • Suitability Letters

      Writing suitability letters for Protection Business & Mortgage Business

    • Overseeing the chasing of Wealth & Protection Pipeline

      Regular chasing for updates/information on pipeline cases

      Work closely with onshore Team to ensure client service with regards to the post-sale process is delivered in an efficient manner

      Ensure CRM/client files & all relevant parties are updated

    • Protection Quotes & Reports

      Generating Protection Quotes online from exchange software

      Making Protection Reports for Advisers

    • Valuations

      Arrange valuations for Forward Planning Meetings using CRM & contacting Providers that are not compatible with CRM’s electronic functionality

      Arrange adhoc valuations

    • Chasing Mortgage Pipeline

      Regular chasing for updates/information on pipeline cases

      Keeping Clients updated

      Keeping Estate Agents updated

      Respond to any client or Provider/Solicitor/Estate Agent queries relating to pipeline

    • Record Mortgage Submissions on CRM

      Ensure CRM/client files are updated

    • Sanction Search

      Conducting Sanction search on Smart search online platform

    • DIPs (Decision in Principles)

      Arrange DIPs for Mortgages as instructed by the Advisers

    • FMA (Full Mortgage Application)

      Arrange FMA for Mortgages as instructed by the Advisers

    • Product Due to Expiry

      Setting up Review date for Advisers on CRM before the Mortgage fixed term comes to an end

    Other Duties

    • Delivering on adhoc projects & administrative tasks for the Business

    • Assisting the Business/Team as & when required, with administrative tasks

    • Ensuring processes are reviewed, updated & followed by all Teams you are in contact with

    • Reconciling Fee statement on CRM

    • Updating Broker Fee & Processing Fee on CRM

    Advantages of using our IFA outsourcing service

    • Quicker completion and turnaround

    • You can handle surge in workload and take on more clients (with our support)

    • Cost savings of at least 50%

    • Elimination of all in-house costs (employee paid holidays, car, bonuses, commissions, sick leave etc.)

    • No need to deal with labor laws and employee management

    • Higher level of quality

    • Your own personalized team who will work how you want and the way you want